Built Heritage

Whether a house, business, church or other structure, every building has a history. The older the building, the longer its story. Find out when it was built and what changes it has seen over time. You may even discover information about the architect, the builder, and the tradesmen!

horses barn

Farm histories

Learn who first cleared your land and discover more about how past generations worked your land, what crops they grew, who they had working for them, and what livestock they raised.

Who lived here?

From the family with eight children to the elderly couple in retirement, learn more about the people who called your house their home, what they did for a living and what their lives there were like.


That's a great old barn!

Even if it's quite old, your barn may not be the first one on the site. Find out about the barn and other outbuildings that are part of your farm's history.


Wonder what that old stone foundation used to be or why that old berm is there? Discover if the property was once the site of a saw mill, smithy, gravel pit, railway, or other commercial enterprise.



Have us search the extensive collections of historical societies, libraries, and archives and see for yourself how your property has changed. From professional photos to early snapshots and aerial photos taken from planes, you may be surprised by what you recognize...and by what you don't.

I think my house is haunted

From a historical perspective, researching a haunted property is not that much different than uncovering the history of other homes and buildings -- discovering who was associated with the building over time, then exploring more about those people, their relationship to the home, and how they lived and died.


What would you like to discover?

Contact Oakenwood Research to discuss your needs or get a quote. Be sure to include your name and contact details, and let us know what you’d like to determine, what resources you've already consulted, and any information that will help narrow the search.