Historical Research

Is time or distance keeping you from accessing the historical resources you need? Whether you are writing for a popular audience or an academic journal, Oakenwood Research understands your need for precise and well-documented information.

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Need a speaker for an upcoming event? We provide presentations on a variety of topics including those relating to local history, genealogy, and research strategy.

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Writing and Editing

Looking for someone to research, write or edit a book about your house, organization, municipality or family? Our publications page provides examples of our work.

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Property Research

Whether a house, farm, business, or vacant land, have us delve into the history of a property to discover its past owners, buildings, and uses over time.

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Brick Walls

Have you hit a historical or genealogical roadblock? Oakenwood Research specializes in overcoming proverbial brick walls by employing unconventional and lesser-known sources to follow and document those more elusive people and details from the past.

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Curious about your family history?  Wonder if those stories could be true? Want to know when your family came to Canada or left it for new opportunities? Find out who your ancestors were, how they lived, where they went, and what they accomplished.

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What would you like to discover?

Contact Oakenwood Research to discuss your needs and get a quote.  Be sure to include your full name and contact details, what you’d like to determine, what resources you've already consulted, and any additional information that will help narrow the search.