Elysia DeLaurentis, Hons. B.A., M.A. ,    Owner / Principal Researcher


Elysia DeLaurentis founded Oakenwood Research out of a passion for local history. She has a background in Art History and Folklore, holds a Master’s degree in History, and has worked in the heritage field for many years. Through her business, she combines skills and experience gained from years working in archives, and with historical and heritage groups, to uncover the history behind the structures, people and events that make Ontario unique. In addition, she welcomes the opportunity to share local history through articles, books, and presentations.


Whether pondering the history of a property, looking for a wayward ancestor, or searching for more obscure historical information, Oakenwood Research specializes in finding the answers to history’s mysteries.  The answers are out there!




I contracted Elysia DeLaurentis in 2018 to organize and prepare a genealogy document of my mother’s side of the family. The end result was a spectacular piece of work which will be an inspiration to our family for generations to come. I again contracted Elysia in 2019 to prepare a similar document for my father’s side. The results were again of the highest quality and professionally constructed. I would not hesitate recommending Elysia to anyone.

--  William


Thank you for the attached research report and all of the hard work required to produce it. I want you to know that your research efforts and findings have exceeded my expectations!

--  Dean


Elysia, you are a researcher extraordinaire. Thank you so much for going the extra mile with this. I really appreciate it.

--  Sherrill


Elysia: Can’t thank you enough for your help on this project. Your office is lucky to have a researcher of your calibre.

--  James


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had no idea that I would be able to gain so much information in one email. Wow!

--  Crystal