Family Trees

Tracing a person's lineage or compiling a family tree? We can track down the names, dates, and place names that you need, as well as establish with evidence that the John Smith we found is the John Smith that you're looking for.


Who were my Great-Great-Grandparents?

Interested in specific individuals? We can focus on them to reveal details about their parentage, personalities, accomplishments, and reputation. Learn the dates of key milestones in their lives, where they lived, where they worked, and what inspired them.

Why did they move around so much?

Want to know when your family came to Canada or left it for new opportunities?  Gain a deeper understanding of your ancestors by exploring the challenges and opportunities that affected each generation and led them to new places and ultimately…to you.


Uncovering family lore

Wonder if those whispered family stories are true? Stories can change over time depending on the memories and proximity of those telling them. Historical records can hold the key to learning more about those long-passed-down tales. What you discover may confirm your suspicions or lead you down unexpected paths.

I wonder what they were like

More than just names and dates, your ancestors were people who laughed and loved and worked and worried. It's the details of their lives and personalities that add colour to your research. Find out if past family members were known for their quick wit, their musical abilities, their rough demeanor, or their love of horses! You may discover that you share more than just genes.


I think the woman I found on a census is my ancestor but I'm not sure

Let us put your mind at ease. By telling us what you know for certain about your ancestor, we will trace them back through time, providing evidence as to their movements, and making sure that your family history stays on the right track!

Brick Walls

Hit a roadblock in your genealogical or historical research?  Oakenwood Research Services specializes in overcoming the proverbial brick wall by employing unconventional and lesser-known archival sources to follow and document those more elusive people from the past. The answers are out there!

brick wall

What would you like to discover?

Contact Oakenwood Research to discuss your needs, get a quote or make an inquiry. Be sure to include your name and contact details, and let us know what you’d like to determine, what resources you've already consulted, and any information that will help narrow the search.