That land has history!

Delve into the history of a property to discover its past uses, past owners, and learn about the buildings that once graced the site. Discover if commercial enterprises were set up there, and what traces they may have left.

What was here before?

Whether vacant land or the site of a newer building, it may have seen many changes over time such as earlier houses constructed on the same site or elsewhere on the property. Learn what buildings were on the land and what they were used for.


Property lines

Find out how the size and shape of the land may have changed over time. Discover when a parcel was severed or was added to the property.


Wonder what that old stone foundation used to be? Discover if the property was the site of a saw mill, smithy, gas station, gravel pit, railway, or other commercial enterprise.


When was the bridge constructed?

Want to know when a bridge was constructed and by whom? Or how many and what types of bridges have existed at that same site over time? We can help!


Rivers have traditionally been used for food, for ice, for transportation and to power mills and factories. There may have been a dam that altered the course of water flow. Discover more about the history of water use on the property, and the nearby structures it necessitated.



Find photographs of the property to see for yourself how the land has changed!  These can range from professional 19th-century photos, to early 20th-century snapshots, to later aerial views taken from planes.

What would you like to discover?

Contact Oakenwood Research Services to discuss your needs, get a quote, or make an inquiry. Be sure to include your full name and contact details, and let us know what you’d like to determine, what resources you've already consulted, and any information you already know that will help narrow the search.