Let us do the looking

Historical research topics are broad and varied, but none is too challenging! With over twenty years experience, we can document your organization's history through text and photos, or find that key piece of information you need for a book or article. Tell us how we can help!

Who uses historical research services?

Writers, academics, heritage groups, lawyers, family historians, realtors, governments, home owners, architects, television producers, surveyors, and of course the curious!


Writing a book or article?

Researching an early 20th-century murder in Perth County? Or the Temperance Movement in 1880s Orangeville? Whether you're trying to determine how many Methodist shoemakers were conscripted into military service, or the living conditions of unwed factory workers in mid-19th-century Waterloo, we're up for the challenge!  Get the information you need, no matter how obscure!

Sports Team Histories

Amateur or professional, baseball to hockey, we can help you uncover the history of your sports or athletic team.


Brick Walls

Have you hit a roadblock in your research?  Oakenwood Research Services specializes in overcoming the proverbial brick wall by employing unconventional and lesser-known archival sources to document the more obscure and elusive details from the past.

Business Histories

Whether you're interested in finding out about the history of your company or learning more about the office building itself, Oakenwood Research Services can help you find the information you're looking for!


bridge construction dates

Want to know when a bridge was constructed and by whom? Are you trying to determine how many and what types of bridges have spanned that same site? We can help!

Club Histories

Involved with Girl Scouts, the Chess Club, a sorority or fraternal organization? Find out more about the history of your club and the impact it has had in the community!


Church Histories

Both the building and the congregation have a history in the community. We can document both!

Road allowances

Find out when a line of road was first surveyed and opened or when it was later closed.


Old Photographs

There are millions of great old photos available but some find searching through archives' collections overwhelming. Let us put our know-how to work and find you the images you seek!

School Histories

Find out more about the history of a school, the buildings it's inhabited, when it opened and when it closed.  Find out about the teachers who worked there and the students who spent their days there so many years ago.


What would you like to discover?

Contact Oakenwood Research Services to discuss your needs, get a quote, or make an inquiry. Be sure to include your full name and contact details, and let us know what you’d like to determine, what resources you've already consulted, and any information you already know that will help narrow the search!