Who farmed this land?

Learn about the people who have called your farm 'home' and discover more about how they lived, and who they had working for them.


How long has it been a farm?

Most land in southern Ontario was dense forest until settlers began the arduous process of clearing their lands. They left the tree stumps to rot in the ground and simply planted their first crops between them. The clearing process may have begun long before the first land grant was issued. Discover when your land was cleared!

What crops were grown here?

Barley or peas, wheat or oats -- Learn what crops were planted on your land in the 1800s and how much acreage was devoted to each!


I'd love to learn more about the barn

Even if it's quite old, your barn may not be the first one on the site. Find out about the barn and other outbuildings that are part of your farm's history.

Industries on the farm

A past farmer may have had other irons in the fire -- quite literally if he was also a blacksmith! Learn if your farm was ever host to a shop, saw mill, factory, or other enterprise.


Early Farm Products

Learn what products were made by those who lived on your land in the 19th century, from apple cider and maple syrup to butter and flannel!

The property line

The farm may have changed in shape and size since its beginnings. Discover when acreage was added to the farm or when smaller parcels were severed from it.



A dairy farmer might be surprised to learn that over a century ago, the farm was renowned for its prize-winning sheep.  Learn what livestock was raised on your farm in the 19th century and you may be in for a surprise of your own!

What would you like to discover?

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